Our Services

Foresight Consulting

Tax Service

Our Tax Services include :
  • General Tax Consultation
  • Tax Review/Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax Audit
  • Tax Objection
  • Tax Appeal/Tax Lawsuit/Judicial Review
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Corporate Restructuring and Tax Planning
  • Cross-border Tax Issues
  • Preparation of Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Tax Refund
  • Wind-up and Revocation of Tax ID Number
  • Tax Facilities Application
  • Fixed Assets Revaluation

Compliance Services

Our Tax Compliance Services include :
  • Prepare or Review Monthly Tax Compliance Returns (Article 21 Withholding Tax (WHT), Article 23 WHT, Article 26 WHT, Final WHT, Article 15 WHT, Value Added Tax)
  • Individual Tax Compliance and Advisory
  • Provide Proper Tax Planning and Consultation
  • Prepare or Review Annual Individual Income Tax Returns (Form 1770, 1770 S)
  • Assist Individual Income Tax Disputes (Audit, Objection and Appeal)
  • Provide Payroll Outsourcing Services (either Preparation or Calculation)
  • Financial Review/Financial Due Diligence
  • Assist in Tax Facilities Application

Transfer Pricing Services

Nowadays, Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS) has become the most popular issue in international taxation, especially in relation to transfer pricing. The issue arises as the Business Group attempts to minimize the Group’s tax burden through transfer pricing. As such, the Tax Authorities feel necessary to monitor the transfer pricing conducted by the Taxpayer to check whether the transactions, which resulted from the transfer pricing are conducted at arm’s length price. Managing a corporation’s Transfer Pricing Life Cycle can help local and international corporations in facing increased scrutiny from Indonesian tax authorities as well as from around the world.

At Foresight, we help corporations design and document the Transfer Pricing needs specifically catered for each of our clients. We believe that Transfer Pricing is a key element in a Corporation’s taxation strategy. Therefore by combining a year of expertise with various powerhouses of high-quality comparative databases, we are able to oer client’s an array of Transfer Pricing services to suit their specific business needs, which consist of :


  • Business Model Setup & Business Restructuring in relation to Business Group from Transfer Pricing perspectives


  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Master File (Information of the Business Group)
  • Local File (Information of the Taxpayer)
  • Country by Country Report (CbCr)

Controversy Prevention

  • Provide legal certainty via Advance Pricing Agreement (APA)

Dispute Resolution

  • Tax Audit / Objection / Appeal specifically relating to Transfer Pricing disputes