This Is The Way To Get The ‘Ticket’ for 6 Months Tax Exemption

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Official micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) will get an income tax exemption (PPh) incentive for 6 months and get interest subsidies from the government.

In the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) No. 44 of 2020, regarding Tax Incentives for Taxpayers Affected by Pandemic Corona Virus Disease 2019, states that the final income tax is 0.5% of the total gross circulation borne by the government.

Exemption of final PPh to UMKM will be valid for 6 months. Nevertheless, the final income tax that is borne by the government to taxpayers is not counted as income subject to tax.

“The final income tax is borne by the government as intended, given for the April 2020 tax period until the September 2020 tax period,” states Article 5 paragraph (9) of PMK No.44 / 2020, Monday (4/5/2020).

To be able to get this ‘ticket’ tax exemption incentive, the taxpayer must submit a photocopy of the certificate when making a transaction which is a tax deduction or collection according to the tax deduction / collection rules, to the tax collector / tax collector.

A certificate must also be given when importing. So that the Directorate General of Customs and Excise also does not collect Article 22 Income Tax.

“Tax cut or tax collector before cutting or collecting must confirm the validity of the certificate submitted by the taxpayer,” states Article 5 paragraph (4) PMK No. 44/2020.

If the certificate is confirmed, the tax deduction or collector does not deduct the tax at the time of payment.

UMKM taxpayers can get a certificate by submitting an application to the Director General of Tax (DGT) through certain channels on the page

The certificate must be submitted first before the report is submitted to the tax collector.

Then, when submitting a tax exemption, MSMEs who want to get this incentive must submit the final income tax realization report borne by the government, also through certain channels on the page, using the form provided.

“The report on the realization of final PPh is borne by the government, including income tax payable on income received or obtained by taxpayers, including from transactions with cutters / collectors,” explained Article 7 paragraph (2).

Only then, the realization of the final PPh borne by the government will be accompanied by a Tax Deposit Letter or printed billing code affixed with the stamp or the writing “Final PPh Borne by the Government of the EKS PMK … / PMK.03 / 2020,” for transactions that are objects of withholding or collection PPh.


Source: CNBC Indonesia

Guidelines to Certificate of Exemption (SKB) Tax for Small Micro Medium Enterprises (UMKM)
Guidelines to Certificate of Exemption (SKB) Tax for Small Micro Medium Enterprises (UMKM)

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