Tax Amnesty Contributes IDR107 Trillion for Tax Revenue Growth

Jakarta, 03/01/2017 MoF – Economic condition in 2016 was affected by global economic uncertainty and domestic economy which was not fully recovered. However, deficit in the 2016 State Budget was maintained at 2.46 percent of GDP or IDR307.7 trillion.

Realization (temporary) of government revenue reached IDR1,551.8 trillion or 86.9 percent, while government expenditure was 89.3 percent or IDR1,859.5 trillion. Revenue from tax revenue was IDR1,283.6 trillion (83.4 percent of the target in revised state budget/APBNP) and non-tax revenues of IDR262.4 trillion (107.0 percent of APBNP target). Realization of government expenditure consists of central government expenditure at IDR1,148.6 trillion (87.9 percent of the target in APBNP) and transfers to regional and village of IDR710.9 trillion (91.6 percent of the APBNP target).

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated that tax amnesty program becomes one of contributor for tax revenues which grow at 4.2 percent. “Tax amnesty contributed IDR107 trillion for tax revenue, so it booked at 4.2 percent,” she said at press conference in Juanda Hall, Ministry of Finance on Tuesday (03/01).(as/rsa)



Government Regulation Number 23 Year 2018
Government Regulation Number 23 Year 2018

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