Summary Of Government Regulation On Online Integrated Business Licensing Services

Summary of Government Regulation Number 24 Year 2018

regarding Online Integrated Business Licensing Services


This Government Regulation sets out provisions related to the application of the Online Single Submission (OSS) system for business license application and issuance, including provisions on the types, applicants, and issuers of business-related licenses, procedures for business-related licenses, sectoral business licensing reform, OSS system, OSS agency, OSS funding, incentives or disincentives for the implementation of business licensing by using OSS, resolution of problems and obstacles in business licensing using OSS system, as well as sanctions that may be imposed.

Business licensing services to be provided via OSS system include business license and commercial or operational license issued by OSS agency on behalf of ministers, leadership of government agencies, governors, or regents/mayors in accordance with their respective authorities for individuals and non-individuals in the form of limited liability companies, public service companies, regional public service companies, state-owned enterprises, public service agencies, broadcasting agencies, business entities established by foundations, cooperatives, partnerships, limited partnerships or civil associations. Such business licenses are issued by OSS agency in the form of electronic documents in compliance with laws and regulations on electronic information and transactions completed with electronic signatures and may be printed out.

Business licensing by using OSS system as elaborated in this regulation starts with registration by business players by providing the required documents and information. The OSS agency will subsequently issue Business Identification Number (NIB) which will also be applicable as Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Importer Identification Number (API) and customs access right. Business players having obtained NIB will be automatically registered as participants of health social security and manpower social security programs. Subsequently, OSS agency will issue Business Licenses which are mandatory for Business Players having obtained NIB and Commitment-based Business Licenses for business players requiring infrastructure for running their business and/or projects but not yet having such infrastructure, upon issuing Location Permits, Waters Location Permits, Environment Permits and Construction Building Permits, based on Commitment. Furthermore, the OSS agency will issue Commercial or Operational Licenses based on commitment to meet standards, certification, or licenses and/or registration of goods/services, in accordance with the types of products and/or services to be commercialized by the business players through the OSS system. The subsequent sections of this regulation set out detailed provisions on the fulfillment of commitments given in the context of the issuance of those various permits. Whereas the types of business license or commercial and operational licenses to be issued via the OSS system for various sectors are specified in in the attachment to this regulation.


This government regulation has come into effect as of 21 June, 2018.


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