Foresight’s tax professional provide our clients a top notch service with in-depth technical tax knowledge combined with tax practical experiences; so that our clients enable to achieve strong compliance and maximize sustainable tax strategies for their favorable business outcome.

Corporate Service

We at Foresight have continuously developing our ability to foresee beyond the present and beyond borders, and to supply high quality values to client, as we have equipped ourselves with detailed understanding of tax regulations and in-depth industry knowledge, therefore, our clients can stay competitive and meet the compliance requirements.

Every business covers several aspects including finance, taxation, production, marketing, sales management and human resources. Complex business environment and transactions may require a company to obtain consultant assistance in some of its business activities.


Our Corporate Tax Services include:

  • General Tax Consultation
  •  Tax Review/Tax Due Diligence
  •  Tax Audit
  • Tax Objection
  • Tax Appeal/Tax Lawsuit/Judicial Review
  •  Merger and Acqusition
  • Corporate Restructuring and Tax Planning
  • Cross-border Tax Issues
  •  Preparation of Corporate Income Tax Returns
  •  Tax Refund
  • Wind-up and Revocation of Tax ID Number
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Tax Facilities Application
  •  Fixed Assets Revaluation

Compliance Service

Currently proper commercial statutory compliance to Indonesian tax regulations and appropiate tax report filings with the Indonesian Tax Office are two significant fundamental demands in the operational of many entities in the world including Indonesia.

Foresight fully understand the needs on this and our professional expertises committed to devise efficient strategy to our clients in terms of time and cost, including advisory to monitor any unfavorable significant risks and proper solutions as follow up sessions.


The Compliance Services include:


  • Preparation or Reviewing Monthly Tax Compliance Returns (Article 21 Withholding tax (WHT)), Article 23 WHT, Article 26 WHT, Final WHT, Article 15 WHT, Value Added Tax


  • Individual Tax Compliance and Advisory
    • Provide Proper Tax Planning and Consultation
    • Preparation or Reviewing Annual Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1770, 1770S)
    • Assist Individual Income Tax Disputes (Audit, Objection, Appeal)


  • Provide Payroll Outsourcing Services (Preparation or Calculation)
  • Provide Accounting services
  • Financial Review/Financial Due Diligences
  • Assist in Tax Facilities Application

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is probably one of the most important tax issue today due to transaction among affiliated companies. A transfer price is a price, adopted for book- keeping purposes, which is used to value transactions between affiliated enterprises integrated under the same management. Transfer pricing also closely monitored within a company’s financial reporting and requires strict documentation knows as Transfer Pricing Documentation (‘TP Documentation’) that is included in financial reporting documents for auditors and tax authority.

This documentation is closely scrutinized; in which if inappropriately documented may lead to added expenses for the company in the form of underpayment taxes. These prices are closely checked for accuracy to ensure that profits are booked appropriately within arm’s-length pricing methods.

According to the latest Regulation of Ministry of Finance Number 213/PMK.03/2016, Transfer Pricing documentation shall consist of:

  1. Master Documents (information of the Group Companies)
  2. Local Documents (information of the taxpayer), and
  3. Country by country report (information relating to business activities by country per jurisdiction of each company incorporated in the Group Companies).

Transfer pricing related issues, throws open a complexity and magnitude of which are often daunting for Group Companies’ taxpayer, this due to new approaches and techniques adopted in the system are constantly being evolved with new regulation both local and international. Here at Foresight Consulting, we offer a close partnership in providing a thorough Transfer Pricing services to serve your Company. The overall process of our TP Documentation, conducted by our experts with experience and strong academic both local and international taxation, equipped with a powerhouse of database access from Bureau Van Dijk which are TP Catalyst linked to Orbis (worldwide), ktMINE, and CUFTAnalytics, has created an exemplary combination of transfer pricing services.