Regulation Minister of Industry Number 01 Year 2018 regarding Criteria and/or Requirements for the Use of Income Tax Facility for Investments in Certain Business Fields and/or in Certain Regions in the Industrial Sector

This regulation is an implementing regulation for Government Regulation Number 18 Year 2015 as amended by Government Regulation Number 9 Year 2016, especially the provision of Article 9 paragraph (4) of the aforementioned Government Regulation.

Pursuant to this regulation, the criteria to be met for obtaining income tax facility for investments in certain business fields and/or in certain regions to be granted to Resident Taxpayers in the industrial sector include having high value of investment, or absorbing large number of manpower, as further explained in detail in Attachment I and Attachment II to this regulation, or having local content of raw materials, supporting materials or machinery equal to or more than 20%. In addition, the Resident Taxpayers must also meet the requirements as set out in Attachment I and Attachment II to this regulation. This regulation also contains provisions on the mechanism and administrative requirements to be enclosed to applications submitted for obtaining statement letter/certificate to the Minister of Industry through the relevant Director General. The statement letter/certificate contains information regarding the conformity of industrial business line and range of products, as well as fulfillment of the criteria and requirements.

This regulation has come into effect as of January 12, 2018, by revoking Regulation of the Minister of Industry Number 48/M-IND/PER/5/2015.



The regulation only available in Bahasa PER MENPERIN No 1 THN 2018


Accounting Policy On The Writing-Off Of Expired Tax Receivables
Accounting Policy On The Writing-Off Of Expired Tax Receivables

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