Widigdya Sukma Gitaya

Through years of combining technical tax knowledge with business experience to meet the unique needs of each client, Widi excels in client service in world of taxation exercising a proactive and concerned manner. Smart thinking, strategic approaches and a genuine passion for finding the best solution possible have driven him as more than two decades of career in the industry.

Widigdya Sukma Gitaya


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    Chaired as Partner of Compliance Division, his performance-driven personality enables him to achieve results at the intersection of strategic leadership, operational excellence, and organizational culture.

    Widi has spent the last 17 years helping clients both in corporate as well as individual levels to stay in compliance with prevailing tax rules and regulation which encompass a sound and successful business with a combination of strategy, operational excellence and innovation solutions across a broad range of industries, such as holdings, life insurance, asset management, mutual funds, pension fund, banking, power generator, trading, manufacturing, automotive, gas, food, and beverages, etc.

    As the newest figure on the recent epoch of partnership at Foresight, Widi shares his belief that solutions to organizational challenges are best constructed to match the unique DNA of the organization, therefore contributing to more growth.


    Widi graduated from Diploma III Degree in Taxation, University of Padjadjaran, and continuing his study at University of Indonesia and holds Bachelor Degree in Financial Management.


    Prior to joining Foresight Consulting, Widi has been working with numerous names of fame in the tax firm industry such as Husein Kartasasmita Tax Consultant and PB Taxand. He then expanded his experience by working at Manulife Financial Indonesia positioned as Head of Tax and Assistant Vice President, before establishing his own tax firm; WSG in 2015. Two years later, WSG merged into Foresight Consulting.

    He is an active contributor to the World Bank’s project and also actively involves as subject matter experts of taxation for several associations and tax working groups in financial industries.

    Leadership, Membership, & Honors

    He holds Brevet C qualification, Tax Consultant License and Tax Court License, and an active member of Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (IKPI).