Handy Kurniawan

Handy is an ideal exemplar of professional at tax. With fruitful years of experience in tax world, he had become one whose opinion is highly sought after and whose judgement is respected and trusted

Handy Kurniawan

Managing Partner

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    Handy has joined and become a valuable profile to PT Inti Salim Corpora as an auditor during early part of his career, PB Taxand – which was his longest tenure – as Senior Manager in its Corporate Division, and Maultsby and Co. in Dallas, USA as tax consultant during his period of studying International Tax for Master Degree.

    Embracing the core value of ants philosophy, together with other Partners, he founded Foresight; the place where amplify the performance of its people, team, and whole enterprise.


    He earned his Bachelor degree in Accounting from Faculty of Economic of the Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia, and holds Master’s degree in International Tax from School of Management of the University of Texas at Dallas, USA.

    Further on, he also obtained Law degree from Tujuh Belas Agustus University, Jakarta, Indonesia.


    Handy is a professional tax advisor with in-depth knowledge of domestic and international tax laws and practices with a solid experience spanning over 19 years.

    His clients vary from local companies and state-owned enterprises to multinational companies with business interests in Indonesia in wide range of industries such as consumer products, manufacturing, trading, shipping, information technology, mining, cement industry, telecommunications, plantations, aviation, banking, etc.

    His areas of expertise include, among others, tax restructuring, tax planning, tax litigation, handling the IPO preparation, debt restructuring, merger and acquisition, tax audit, tax review, tax objection, tax appeal, application of Judicial Review, and cross border tax issues.

    Leadership, Membership, & Honors

    He is a member of the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia) and holds Brevet C Certification. He also holds Indonesian Tax Consultant License (Ijin Konsultan Pajak ) and Attorney License at Tax Court (Ijin Kuasa Hukum).