List of Assests that Should be Reported in Annual Income Tax Returns

Twiter posted by Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) requiring taxpayers to report/declare mobile phone smartphones into the Annual Individual Income Tax Return (SPT) still leaves the pros and cons.

Moreover, refer to Regulation of Directorate General of Taxation number PER-19/PJ/2014, which regulates the details of the taxpayer return forms for individuals as well as corporate taxpayers along with their filling instructions and elucidations.

In addition, the regulation also mention various types of property that must be reported into the annual tax return complete with taxpayer’s code number.

As such, the Director of Counseling, Service and Public Relations of Directorate General of Taxation Hestu Yoga Saksama added last week that taxpayers can be guided by the principle of materiality in reporting non-cash assets.

The principle of materiality defined in the reporting of assets is to take into account whether the value of the assets is significant or not summed to the total taxpayer’s assets.

“Clothes, handbags, shoes or household appliances, plates, glasses may not need to be reported unless they are expensive, even if the taxpayers willing to declare them they are not prohibited,” he told

However, assets in the form of property, motor vehicles, furniture or electronic goods must be reported unless the market price is very cheap and does not bring major influence to the total assets value.

This principle can be considered as guidance for taxpayers in deciding which assets to be included or not in attachment of the annual tax returns. In this regards, what type of assets can be reported in the annual tax return in accordance with Attachment II of the Regulation of the Director General of Tax No. PER-19/PJ/2014.

For cash and cash equivalents, among others such as cash, savings, demand deposits, time deposits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, derivative instruments.

Assets of transportation includes bicycles, motorcycles, cars, yachts, airplanes, helicopters, jetski.

Jewelry among others precious metals (gold bars, gold jewelry, platinum bars, platinum jewelry, other precious metals), precious stones (diamonds, diamonds, other precious stones).

Other equipment such as electronic equipment, furniture and other immovable assets such as land and / or buildings for residences, land and / or buildings for businesses (shops, factories, warehouses and the like), land or land for businesses (farmland, terrestrial fisheries, and the like).











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