Increase In The Number Of Micro, Small, And Medium Enterprise Taxpayers

According to the Director of Public Counseling, Services, and Relations, Hestu Yoga Saksama, since the government issued Government Regulation Number 23 Year 2018 regarding Income Tax on Income from Business Received or Earned by Taxpayers Having Certain Gross Turnover in June 2018, the number of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) taxpayers continues to increase.

Based on the regulation, the government decreases the rate of final income tax for MSME from 1% to 0.5%. Although state’s tax revenue decreases due to the decrease in rate of final income tax, the number of taxpayers, especially MSME, which pay income tax increases.

Based on data of the Directorate General of Taxation, the number of MSME taxpayers which pay final income tax reaches 1,69 million taxpayers with the tax value of Rp5.37 trillion. Out of the number of taxpayers, 311,197 new taxpayers have been registered since July 2018.


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The Director General of Taxation Regulation Number PER-24/PJ/2018
The Director General of Taxation Regulation Number PER-24/PJ/2018

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