Government Will Collect Import Duty on Intangible Goods

The government plans to collect import duty on intangible goods that are sold in the marketplace (e-commerce), especially those based overseas. These including software, services, music, movies, and so on.


This is in accordance to the World Trade Declaration of Global Electronics World Trade Organization (WTO) signed in Switzerland on May 20, 1998 ago.


Paid intangible products, such as software, music, movies, and electronic books (e-books) have been recorded as duty-free. Lastly, the moratorium on the import duty will expire at the end of this year.


“We are coordinating at the ministerial level so that the decision on moratorium (imposition of the intangible duty of intangible goods) can be reviewed and for Indonesia to impose import duty.” We continue to do the study, “said Finance Minister Sri Mulyani, Friday (8/12 ).


Imposition of import duties on intangible products is deemed to be necessary as the popularity of online-based trading or known as e-commerce increased lately.


Currently, the Ministry of Finance is drafting the Regulation of the Minister of Finance related to the procedure of collecting taxes from e-commerce transactions.


“(Regulation of Ministry of Finance known as PMK in e-commerce) is being prepared, then we can communicate the result to the community,” he added. In addition to import duties, Sri Mulyani said, tax imposition scheme for intangible goods will also be reviewed . However, she is still reluctant to elaborate further.


Head of Communications and Public Relations Division of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise Deni Sujantoro added that currently, developed countries are lobbying the WTO for an agreement on the exemption of import duties for intangible goods that sent through the transmission of transactions into a permanent agreement.


However, Indonesia will lobby for the moratorium to be lifted or not renewed. “If the lobby (Indonesia’s) is granted (by WTO), we will impose (import duties on intangible goods), but if the WTO regulates the opposite (permanently) we follow his rules,” he concluded. [Translation RP]













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