Focus of the Directorate General of Taxation in 2019

The government has set the target of tax revenue in the State Revenues and Expenditures Budget of 2019 in the amount of Rp1,577.6 trillion, increase by 16.78% of the tax revenue outlook of 2018 in the amount of Rp1,350.9 trillion. Nevertheless, the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) does not prepare any special strategy to achieve the target.

According to the Director General of Taxation, Robert Pakpahan, DGT will focus on services, law enforcement, and taxpayer supervision to achieve the target. By focusing on work quality, it is believed that tax revenue will increase.

From the aspect of service, DGT simplifies and expands tax services, e-filing, restitution process, and business development service for small and medium enterprises. In relation to law enforcement, DGT increases the quality of law enforcement through the improvement in governance and quality control. Meanwhile, in terms of supervision, DGT applies risk-based supervision, utilizes taxation database, third party data, and post-tax amnesty program data, as well as cooperates with the Directorate General of Customs and Excise.









Automatic Exchange Of Information With Switzerland
Automatic Exchange Of Information With Switzerland

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