Summary of Fiscal Stimulus for Handling Impacts of COVID-19

Implications of the 2019 Corona Virus Disease pandemic (Covid-19) have had an impact on national economic growth and the stability of the country’s financial system.

In order to maintain economic stability, increase public purchasing power, and productivity from the impact of COVID-19 that has slowed down the world economy massively and significantly, the Government of Indonesia is taking anticipatory steps through the policy of providing incentives related to taxation in Indonesia, especially with the increasingly widespread impact of COVID-19 Other sectors, including small and medium business actors, need to provide tax incentives for each Taxpayer expansion both for Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT).

The government took extra-ordinary policies and measures in the context of saving the national economy and financial system stability through the ratification of the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 23/PMK.03/2020 jo. Minister of Finance Regulation Number 44/PMK.03/2020 regarding Tax Incentives for Taxpayers Affected by Corona Virus Disease 2019.

A more complete and detailed explanation of these tax incentives that can be viwed further by through the following slide summary from the related regulations:

Slide of Covid-19 Fiscal Stimulus

Proposal To Give Tax Incentives To The Pulp and Paper Industry
Proposal To Give Tax Incentives To The Pulp and Paper Industry

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