Finance Minister: National Payment Gateway will support taxation data

JAKARTA, – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati assess that the National Payment Gateway (GPN) program launched by Bank Indonesia will facilitate data collection of each transaction for taxation purposes.


This is seen as an opportunity for tax officials to carry out their tasks, primarily to record who is involved in the transaction.


“The theory is that I will easily get information of each transactions occur,” said Sri when giving a speech at the launch of GPN at the headquarters of Bank Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Monday (4/12/2017).


Finance Minister explained, based on data owned by Bank Indonesia, in one minute alone approximately 10,000 transactions had occurred.


Should GPN implementation is completed, all transaction data recorded can be used by tax officer to identify what the tax object, tax subject of taxpayer as well as non-taxpayer.


She added, the public should not be afraid of the data recorded and entered in the tax database. Officers from the Directorate General of Taxes are ensured to work with professionalism, sorting and placing the data as it should be.


“If it does not have to be taxable, it is not taxable,” the Minister said.


The GPN program starts to take place gradually early next year. Later, people no longer have to transact using debit cards and electronic data capture devices at the same bank, but all are integrated so that the payment process can be more efficient.




















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