Foresighters that work together, play together.

Foresight 9th Anniversary “Be Bold: Evolve & Dynamic”

Another year, another celebration. Foresight Consulting turns nine in 2019! What were we up to during this year’s celebration? Check out our story below!


This year Foresighters raised the roof! Celebrations took place at BART rooftop bar & restaurant of the Artotel Jakarta, where all Foresighters were dressed to impress in full-on smart casual attire.


The party was fun-filled with games to play, music to dance, and food & drinks to consume. The night started off with a deliciously decadent dinner accompanied by a live band performance. Singing and dancing all night long was next on the menu. You couldn’t stop Foresighters from dancing even if you tried, especially after the talented mixing skills of the DJ of the night.


Foresight Consulting’s New Comer performance was the hit of the night! Putting on a variety of talent-show-like concept, the new additions to the Foresight team showcased multiple talents from “a modern interpretation” of the traditional saman dance, to singing, dancing, stand-up comedy & last but not least a jaw-dropping magic show. These new Foresighters stole the show, entertaining their peers and filling the air with laughter in the process. Truly embracing the night’s tagline of “Be Bold: Evolve & Dynamic”.


Thru out the night, Foresighters tried their luck and participated in many games in the hopes of winning the many prizes that were up for grabs. This year’s Grand Prize was an all-expense paid Travel Voucher amounting to 9 million rupiahs.


What will Foresight Consulting think of next? Catch us again next year, for our decade-old celebration! Where we will be a little older and a little wiser.

23 October 2019
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