Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
- Anonymous

Foresight 8th Anniversary “New Vibes to 8cellence”

Foresighters took to the seas!


This year marks the 8th anniversary for Foresight Consulting. New year, new vibes! Always striving towards excellence, Foresight Consulting took it to heart this year, sporting the theme: New Vibes to 8cellence.


Foresighters embarked on an amazing and exciting adventure out to sea, cruising around the beautiful islands surrounding Teluk Jakarta on Batavia Marina’s majestic Quicksilver Cruise Ship. With the wind in our hair, the sea beneath our feet, & the DJ’s music filling the rhythm in the air, together Foresighters enjoyed the beautiful sunset of Pulau Seribu.


After a delicious dinner and a fun-filled adventure out at sea, the celebration continued as the cruise ship docked at the Marina Batavia, Sunda Kelapa. Staying true on the theme, Foresighters got ready for the nighttime costume party sporting creative costumes from the beach, sea, & ocean life!


As always, performance for the newest recruited Foresighters is always a highlight event. This years batch did not disappoint, putting on a hilarious comedy-skit. Not to forget the variety of prizes given out for games and best costumes and the grand prize of an all-expense-paid holiday got Foresighters jumping for joy!


This year’s celebration was truly a memorable one. Foresighters “seas” the day, eating, dancing, singing, and laughing the night away together. Catch us next year!

26 October 2018
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