“If you can laugh together, you can work together.”

Foresight 7 th Anniversary “Mardi Gras”

We as Foresighters believe in this saying to the tee. Every year together we celebrate being Foresighters for another year with our annual birthday dinner which we celebrated at Cirebon – West Java.


For the 7th year, Foresight’s Annual Birthday Dinner theme was Mardi Gras, where Foresighters sported colorful costumes and masks.


The night was filled with an assortment of entertainment from live music band, stand-up comedy, cabarets, to a musical comedy-drama skit put on especially by the newest members of Foresighters themselves.


Not to mention the variety of prizes given out for games and best costumes and the grand prize which was an all expense paid trip to the beautiful island of Labuan Bajo.


Though each celebrating behind masked faces, we all knew we are all Foresighters at heart celebrating another year laughing and dancing the night away. Till next year!

28 October 2017
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