The New e-Faktur Application Version 2.1

The Director General of Taxation has launched e-Faktur pajak version 2.1 which can be downloaded at This newer version intended to increase the quality of tax service notably for Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP).

Director of Counseling, Services, and Public Relations DGT, Hestu Yoga Saksama added that the newer e-Faktur application improves flaws on older version below, among others:

  • Failure to import tax invoice data from branch in the application;
  • Unable to perform tax invoice return prior to validity of e-Faktur (Non-Etax);
  • Double record when issuing Input tax replacement tax invoice, and succeeded when uploading tax invoice which resulted to double-record on annual tax return;
  • Failure to print tax invoice from client application; and
  • Heap Memory Spacewhen opening annual tax return files due to large files embedded.

“Additional feature on e-Faktur version 2.1 contain new field to input Citizenship ID number (NIK atau Passport number) in the event where the opponent transaction does not have tax ID number (NPWP), also there’s additional export function on Return Other Document Output Tax data and  Return Other Document Input Tax data,” stated Hestu Yoga on formal notes in Jakarta last Thursday.

Other new additional feature, said Hestu Yoga, is additional validation which required to choose Restitution or Compensation when preparing overpayment VAT return, and watermark feature “CANCEL” or “REPLACEMENT” when downloading PDF file of cancellation/replacement tax invoice.

“There will be down-time on application e-Nota and e-Faktur pajak from Monday, 14 Mei 2018 17.00 hours to Tuesday, 15 Mei 2018 07.00 hours for update process,” he added. [translation RP]









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NEW! Income Tax Treatment for Scholarships in accordance with PMK 68/2020

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