Confirmation Of The Position Of Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK) And Employer-Sponsored Pension Fund (DPKK) In The Context Of Automatic Exchange Of Financial Information For Tax Purposes

This letter confirms that DPLK and DPKK are categorized as non-reporting financial institutions insofar as they meet the criteria as set out in Attachment I point A to Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 70/PMK.03/2017 and there is no regulation requiring DPLK and DPKK to submit reports to the Directorate General of Taxation as intended in the aforementioned regulation, either annual report on beneficiaries or monthly report of contribution and tax deductibles related to those beneficiaries.

Considering the aforementioned matters, DPLK and DPKK may be classified as non-reporting financial institutions insofar as those DPLK and DPKK submit the aforementioned reports to the Directorate General of Taxation as the implementation of the provisions of Law on General Provisions and Procedures of Taxation. Such information must be conveyed by using the format as set out in the attachment to this letter. Furthermore, a list of DPLK and DPKK required to submit the aforementioned reports is attached to this letter, which may be revised at any time based on data obtained from IFSA.

This letter was issued on July 10, 2018.











Announcement Number PENG – 5/PJ/2018
Announcement Number PENG – 5/PJ/2018

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