As a business entity, pharmaceutical companies have tax obligations to calculate, pay, and reporting and tax planning. Among other tax obligations, pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to pay Income Tax under Article 21, Corporate Income Tax and Value Added Tax.

We have assisted some of our clients for below:

  • Tax Review
  • Tax Audit

Some essential tax rules related to the pharmaceutical companies are as follows:

  • Letter Number S-474/PJ.52/2000 Regarding Value Added Tax On Pharmacy Installations
  • Letter Number S-1805/PJ.52/1998 Regarding Value Added Tax On Drug Reimbursement in Hospital

Moreover, some of the tax regulation related to the Hospital industry are as below:

  • Circular Letter number SE-34/PJ.4/1995 Regarding Treatment of Income Tax Or Organisations Similar Foundation.
  • Circular Letter Number SE-06/PJ.52/ 2000 tanggal 2 Maret 2000 Regarding Value Added Tax For The Compensation Of Medicines In Hospital.
  • Regulation Ministry of Finance (MoF) Number PMK-78/PMK.03/2010 Regarding Guidelines On The Crediting Of Input Tax For Taxable Entrepreneurs Conducting Deliveries Subject To Tax And Deliveries Not Subject To Tax.